The Perfect Poach



Breakfast is the best meal. And the best breakfast is some type of poached egg situation, in my opinion. Poached-egg-making is really hard, especially for some people. I have perfected it. Behold:

–   lots of water in a large pot. you really want the eggs to be free to float around without being nudged or molested by another egg.

–   pour a smidgen of any clear vinegar into the water. it won’t effect the taste but it makes the eggs set. don’t ask, I have no idea.

–   boil it, then turn it down to a gentle simmer.

–   GINGERLY crack the eggs into the water.

–   stand there and stare at them. they cook quickly, don’t get side-tracked

–   after no more than 2 mins turn off the burner and find yourself a large slotted spoon.

–   GINGERLY fish them out, if you pierce it you’re SOL and you have to start    over.

–   place them in a cute bowl. you may have scooped up some water along with the huevo, you can strain it out or sop it up with a paper towel. GINGERLY.

–   sprinkle with a little s & p. serve with breakfast accoutrement of your choosing (bacon, english muff)

–   OR you can fashion yourself a little off-the-cuff hollandaise with yoghurt, dijon, a tiny bit of vinegar, salt and pep, tabasco and lemon juice. drizzle.

–   woo hoo!


~ by JuliaTriplett on October 27, 2009.

3 Responses to “The Perfect Poach”

  1. OK, this explains things very clearly; however, I feel that in practice, I will never be able to not eff it up.

  2. Honestly, breakfast is my favorite meal and I have never cooked an egg this way before. I always make fried eggs. A technique which I have perfected over the years. However, I am most intrigued by this technique and think I shall make an attempt at it. I found myself chuckling through your entire description of the poaching process, so I simply must give it a shot. I’m wondering if the taste will be different. We shall see.

  3. […] a real thing). top that with a perfectly poached egg or 2 (see my post from a million years ago, “the perfect poach”). I browned a few slices of thin ham, you could easily make this vegetarian, but my man is having […]

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