Lets Get Our Ud On

Oh man, I’m crazy about udon.


Its this very simple Japanese broth-type soup with big chewy noodles floating around in it. Its just perfect after a long day, you come home cold and tired and just all: ‘Oh MAN, things are HARD. Life is PAINFUL. I’m feeling really beat DOWN’. My favorite brand ever is called Nong Shim Udon. It comes with noodles, broth concentrate and then this little packet of weird spices and pieces of weird delicious little…things. Anyways its very satisfying on its own and it can also be augmented.

My favorite Nong Shim-modification recipe is as follows:

– cut tofu into little cubes, slice up some baby bok choy and red onion and saute it all for a few minutes with soy sauce and any kind of oil.

– throw it in the soup.

– drizzle some more soy sauce and sriracha, for a little kick.

– dominate it.

The soup is $3.69 at your local eccentric Asian grocer. (sidebar: I just discovered it can be bought IN BULK online for half price) All the other ingredients included its still less than $5.00.

~ by JuliaTriplett on October 28, 2009.

3 Responses to “Lets Get Our Ud On”

  1. I wanted to do something in the spirit of the decadence factor tonight and so I poached an egg in my miso soup. And it ruled. Thanks for the delicious and affordable idea!

  2. Check it: You can actually buy this at Costco now. Huzzah!

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