wasabi bowl

wasabi bowl

first, I have to tell you all a joke:

what did sushi A say to sushi B?


k on THAT note, I give you the wasabi bowl. My friend Antonia introduced me to a restaurant called Pacific Catch, really yummy Japanese/Hawaiian/California fusion foods like poke, fish tacos and bangin’ sweet potato fries. My favorite thing to order is called the Wasabi Bowl. Its a big mound of steamed rice topped with different sea weed items, avocado, cucumbers, ginger and your choice of fish. Its spicy and fresh and I want it all the time. I made this for C while she was staying with me last time, except because of some diet restrictions I made a spicy red cabbage slaw and used that in lieu of rice!

I totally suggest any fish-lover visit Pacific Catch and order yourself a Wasabi Bowl and then do as I did and try to recreate it at home, if nothing else so you can eat laying down.

–   make steamed jasmine rice as usual. using half coconut milk and half water makes the rice really fragrant.

–   marinade salmon fillets with a combo of soy sauce, sriracha and any marmalade. sprinkle with sesame seeds and sear for 2 mins on high in a pan then transfer it to a really hot oven for about 5 mins.

–   make a little sauce with miso salad dressing, wasabi, soy sauce and rice wine vinegar.

–   lay the fish over rice in a bowl, drizzle with your wasabi sauce and adorn with pickled ginger, avocado slices, sea weed and/or cucumber salad, sprouts*…anything you like.

–   if you like it spicy like I do add a few crimson squirts of sriracha. you’ll want something nearby to put out the fire. I suggest pinot grigio.

–   bon appetite!

*all of these kind of unusual asian-y ingreds can be found at a regular asian market. if you can’t already tell, I live really close to china town.

~ by JuliaTriplett on November 4, 2009.

2 Responses to “wasabi bowl”

  1. whoaaaaa….I am finally reading this blog and it is amazing! Hooray for Julia and Cella! I love that you tell us how to actually make this stuff, and not just wow us with outrageous recipes from inaccessible places! And to think I knew you two back when…..hmmmm…..was it Chez Granite Street? Now THAT was a fab bistro! Luv You Two.

  2. i haven’t stopped talking about this or wanting it every second of the day ever since you made it for me. MMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!

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