Choucroute (Shoo-kroot)

Its the holidays and that means three things. mariah carey christmas album. food. and food. I will admit right here, right now that when Christmas season starts I become a giant nerd. I put out plates of peppermint bark (for the imaginary guests that come over and help themselves to my treats while remarking what an excellent hostess I am) and I make those janky paper snow flakes and tape them to my windows.

I. love. Christmas. I am a sucker for the holidays and old-timey traditions and it should come as a surprise to no one ever in the world that my favorite traditions are food-themed.

Christmas Eve at my hose (spelling error Im choosing to keep bc its funny) means Choucroute. Its an old-fashioned, super easy and super satisfying German dinner. You will need:

  • potatoes
  • 1 jar of saurkraut
  • small porkchops
  • any type of cured bratwurst
  • 2 bay leaves
  • black peppercorns
  • white wine
  • white onion

heat your oven to 350. boil potatoes until aldante. brown the meats and onion quickly. dump the kraut in a baking dish and add the bay leaves and peppercorns. nestle the meats and potatoes into the kraut and add a cup of white wine. cover and bake for about an hour. serve with various mustards and crusty bread.

my mom usually makes a salad with this meal using a lettuce called mache (mawsh), its also very traditionally German and you can get it in a bag at tjs. she will cut up some apple and persimmon into the salad, which is bangin.

little pinot, maybe a german chant/drinking song or two and you might as well change your last name to Feldman. Prost!

~ by JuliaTriplett on December 21, 2009.

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