prosciutto pear slices.

so many good things happened to my taste buds this holiday season. i can’t really say the same for my burgeoning  love handles or the sad, ravaged remains of my GI tract, but i figure it’s nothing a few months of fasting and a couple of good colonics can’t take care of. 

(if that’s not a segue to continue a discussion about  food, i don’t know what is.)

the following fits nicely into one of our most beloved food categories: Things Wrapped in Pork Products/Pork Products Wrapped in Things.  bosc pear slices topped with a fresh sage sprig and wrapped in a slice of prosciutto. bake on high heat till the pears get soft and hot and the prosciutto gets crispy, then eat. it’s a big sweet rush of pear cut with peppery sage and tangy prosciutto.  DECADENT!

my aunt p. made these while the family orchestra (not to be confused with the family jazz band) played christmas carols, various uncles quaffed expensive pinots, and children ran amok, armed with suprisingly sophisticated nerf weaponry. (ahh family!)

~ by marcella on December 29, 2009.

2 Responses to “prosciutto pear slices.”

  1. these sound so bangin, I love meats with fruits. this reminds me of that part in knocked up in the line-o-rama part of the dvd extras when Jonah is naming off all these crazy-pretentious baby names that he would name his child and one of them is pontius pearslice.

  2. “Things Wrapped in Pork Products/Pork Products Wrapped in Things” – I LOLED

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