oysters rockefeller.

oysters are like peaches. they’re so perfect in their raw state that it almost hurts to cook them. i’m never going to say no to an oyster in any form, but who wants to waste the transcendent experience of eating one raw? the cold, stony flavor, the sharp tang of lemon juice, the little gritty bits of shell… all washed down with a dry sauvignon blanc?  j and i have spent many nights and  literally hundreds of dollars doing just this.

still… when holiday time rolls around, i’m hoping someone in the family makes oysters rockefeller. it’s one of the few cooked oyster concessions i’m willing to make (the others being oyster po-boys, which deserve a blog all unto themselves, and the spectacular things that happen when j. cracks open a tin of smoked oysters at cocktail hour.)

originating at antoine’s (one of new orleans’ oldest & snootiest french-creole restaurants), the “true” oysters rockefeller recipe remains a mystery. common folk can make it by mixing together finely chopped spinach, scallions, parsley and celery with breadcrumbs, butter, and pernod (or herbsaint, if you’re old school.) toss it all together and then wilt it down in a pan… spoon it over raw oysters in their shells, top with extra breadcrumbs and maybe a little parmesan, and broil until things get sizzly and toasty.

num num, *pats belly*.

~ by marcella on January 6, 2010.

3 Responses to “oysters rockefeller.”

  1. I have never actually tried any form of oyster cooked. I think I am scarred because when I lived in SF I had a job at Joe’s Crab Shack (not good, not recommended) and they had some kind of fried-oyster mystery dish. I would leave work and instead go to the Embarcadero for some fresh, raw oysters, and as I sat there in the freezing cold wind and rain slurpin’ back a wet one (yes, I called the oyster a wet one) with the lingering smell of fried fish still on my clothes, I made a vow to NEVER eat a cooked oyster. Your entry is making me rethink my vow. P.S. I love your blog. P.P.S. Hi to J from her old neighbor.:)

    • Hey Mara! glad you’re reading our blog! sorry I haven’t posted our phenomenal recipe for pasta rone with corn niblets mixed in yet. we had many good nights with that dish :) hope you’re well!

  2. I’m glad you spoke to the Po Boy issue. We used to eat them at K-Pauls when he made garlic mayonnaise from scratch….think about that for a minute.

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