bar food.

i don’t know what happened while i was gone, but DC has gone foodie, and i could not be happier about it. on 14th st, new bars and restaurants spring up  faster than mushrooms sprung up on my walls during rainy season in nicaragua.

the part i like best is this: suddenly bars are about eating as much as they are about drinking. bar food is no longer about nuts and french fries. it’s about putting a fancy hat on trashy food, which is one of our favorite things of anything. it’s shrimp corn dogs. it’s lamb and bison sliders. it’s homemade rhubarb pickles and goat cheese croquettes and winter squash arancini. it’s salt and spice and crunch and all kinds of tasty goodness to go along with your beverage of choice. hooray! hooray!

my favorite nights so far have been at churchkey, where a ruddy-cheeked boy in a butcher’s apron saddles up to a meat slicer on the end of the bar and and your charcuterie plate is assembled in front of you. other menu items include to-die-for fried macaroni and cheese sticks and chicken-fried sweetbreads. the beer is pretty good too (oh, ha ha.)

if i had a big bag of money, an iron stomach, and the metabolism of a 13 year old boy, i would dedicate the next couple of years to aggressive and joyful sampling of 14th street’s kaleidescopic smorgasboard of treats. instead, i have inflammatory bowel disease, work in public service, and am up to my double chin in student debt.

so… welcome to my pity party. have a deep-fried cheese log with bacon buttercream frosting.

~ by marcella on February 3, 2010.

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