This is an impressive recipe because the name is recognizable and it sometimes shows up in Italian restaurants. Really though it only requires simple, fresh ingredients and the amount of skill necessary to mix and dip and combine various things, then just wait around (read: drink a glass of wine and repeatedly hit the refresh button on facebook) until its done. Easy cheesy.

This is a preparation that can be applied to various meats, be it your turkey, chicken, veal or your flaky fish, like your tilapia or your fillet of sole, or what have you. Basically any cut of meat or fish thats thin and tender. The grocer might call it a “cutlet”. I made it with turkey the other night when I had a hankering for something crispy and lemony and meat-y and fresh.

You will need:

meat of your choosing

all purpose flour

1 egg

s & p & any other spices you like (poultry seasoning, dried parsley etc.)


white wine


fresh parsley

3 lemons


pound the meat (thatswhatshesaid) in between two pieces of cellophane with a mallet, or a blunt object that you deem kitchen-appropriate. dip the cutlet into whipped egg. dredge cutlets into flour/salt/pepper/anything else mixture. lay cutlets in a medium heat, buttered pan. brown on each side for about 3 minutes and remove from pan, turn the pan on low heat. deglaze the pan with a generous pour of white wine, scraping up all the delicious tidbits with a spatula. add capers to taste and the juice of 2 lemons. cut up 3 anchovies real small and add those too, the flavor won’t overwhelm the dish like you’d think, they just punch up the sauce. stir and simmer, simmer and stir until sauce is reduced, about 15 minutes. on low heat add cutlets back into sauce for another 4-5 mins. throw in a handful of fresh chopped parsley. squeeze fresh lemon over the whole thing.

I boiled some fingerling potatoes, this would also go well with a pasta or orzo situation, or a salad if you’re feeling Atkins-y. This meal makes for bangin’ leftovers and reheats well for lunch the next day, especially in sandwich form.



~ by JuliaTriplett on February 5, 2010.

5 Responses to “Piccata”

  1. Sweet Julie: Here I am trying to write my sermon on a snowy Friday afternoon in Twin Cities, and to divert myself I read this picatta receipe and now I am drooling on my laptop! Yummy sounding (NOT the drool, but the DISH) and I will try it tonight for Chris! Love to you, Anne

  2. I hope you guys enjoy it, its a great cold-weather dinner! good luck with your sermon xo

  3. such a pretty picture! i want to go to there.

    OH WAIT!!!!

  4. Julia: I actually did make this dish! Plowed through snowy St. Paul streets to market, hunted down capers and anchovies (used tube-paste gunk, which was flavorful but weird toothpaste texture…), first time ever pounding chicken breasts with Mr. Chris coaching me all the way (that guy is just too good a cook to be quiet!). It was just Lemony Heaven! We loved it! Thanks for your suggestion (and the sermon went just fine). Love, Anne

  5. All I can say is…YUM!

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