roasted kale chips.

last week i bought a tub of kale at whole foods because it was on sale for a dollar, and for no other reason. i’ve never cooked it before, i don’t even know how you’re supposed to cook it, but it looked healthy and it cost a dollar. 

like the creative and knowledgeable chef that that i am, i googled “kale recipes.” pretty much all of them were for soup, and if i have to eat any more soup this winter, i’m going to scream. i did find one for kale chips, which seemed like (and later proved to be) one of those embarassingly simple “recipes” that make you look like a fabulous cutting-edge cook, even if all you did was dump something on a baking sheet and put it in the oven (honey! you baked!)

well, that’s what i did. sort of. i dumped my kale (pre-chopped, which i wish it had not been; it was way too fine) into a ziploc, drizzled in some olive oil (a teeny bit! this may be the only time i ever advise stinginess with olive oil), threw in some minced garlic, put that mix on a baking sheet, baked at 350 for 15 mins, and then at the end, tossed with salt. 

oh man. when they’re hot, they’re all toasty and nutty and the delicate crunch is soooo satisfying. so, go find yourself a dollar box of kale. it’s tasty and helps prevent cancer.


~ by marcella on March 9, 2010.

3 Responses to “roasted kale chips.”

  1. mmmmmmmmmm! i think this might be the best kale recipe ever.

  2. I’ll have to try this.

  3. Hello Marcella, this recipe has become one of my favorites for the past few months. I make it similar, but turn the oven really high (on 500 degrees) and just leave the kale for 5 minutes. I toss it with olive oil, seasalt and black pepper before, like you suggest. Everyone loves it, I do it last thing for a dinner party and serve it hot out of the oven. It tastes delicious afterward when eaten cold. I’ve had great kale and other greens from a community garden planted by students of the Monterey Institute of Internat’l. Studies. We were the only ones to harvest all winter so we had great fresh veggies all week, mostly the greens. This year I have my own bed to plant and will definitely sow the kale again! Love, Heidi

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