Breakfast Tarte.

I love breakfast foods. The only thing I love more is brunch food because the implication is that you’ve slept in. Brunch foods are inherently relaxing and happy.

Another one of my favorite things is buying something prepared from a store, augmenting it and then taking credit for it.

Imagine my delight when my love of brunch foods and my need for constant praise combined to make this recipe for a perfect breakfast tarte!

Buy the Tarte D’Alsace from Trader Joes. Its in the freezer section, it’s a thin flaky crust pizza type situation with ham and caramelized onions and Gruyère. I have eaten the whole thing for dinner more times than I care to admit. You could use another pizza as a base as long as the ingredients are fairly simple and not too gooey or tomato-y. The augmentation here happens when you make soft scrambled eggs, layer them on top of the tarte and top with freshly snipped chives, fresh black pepper and crème fraiche. You heard me.

Soft Scrambled Eggs


milk/yogurt/kefir/cottage cheese

s & p


Yes, scrambled eggs are really simple but the tricky part is getting the right consistency. When you beat the eggs you want them to get almost frothy, so really whip them up and get as much air in them as you can. If you can use some manner of beating-device, even better. Then once you put them in a buttered pan on extremely low heat be sure to stir and fold them continuously. Once they’re a little bit set but still runny turn off the heat and cover with a lid for a few minutes, the resulting steam will cook them gently and keep them moist.

Chives and crème fraiche can be bought at any grocery store these days, not just fancy expensive ones.

This recipe goes well with about 12 mimosas.


~ by JuliaTriplett on March 13, 2010.

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