wine basil punch

I have lovely, fantastical scenarios in my head about throwing the most perfect summer party. Its balmy, sometime in August. I’m wearing something white and gauzy. Through a fortunate and yet-to-be-determined series of events, I have acquired a stately southern plantation and the adjoining peach orchard. My attractive, bohemian friends and I are gathered on the gracious wrap-around porch ( see attached picture, it was the only one I could find). We’re listening to Etta James or something and, oh look, I’ve brought out old-timey mason jars filled with my home-made Wine Basil Punch! How divine! Oh hahah ha! *we throw our heads back in laughter*

So until THAT happens I’ll be alone in my apartment, wearing costco sweat pants, watching Tool Academy and drinking Wine Basil Punch.

–   find a pitcher or a giant mason jar!

–   pour in an entire bottle of dry white wine

–   if you have it, a splash of triple sec

–   muddle several (10-15) basil leaves

–   squeeze in some lemons and oranges, drop fruit carcases into the punch

–   let it all sit there for a while

–   scoop out leaf/fruit carcases and garnish with fresh, pretty versions of same.

–   pour in an entire bottle of sparkling water AND/OR champagne, this decision will determine how the rest of your night goes.

serve. ta dah!



~ by JuliaTriplett on March 27, 2010.

6 Responses to “wine basil punch”

  1. That sounds divine, Miss Julia. I remember when you made this concoction for my birthday, and yes, it was delicious, and yes, I would pick champagne! Could we place the mansion in Charleston and the time of year in spring or fall (August will be so hot, in which case we should add a sparkling pool w/gazebo to the fantasy). In any case, I’ll join you and Lola soon in your sunny lovely apartment for a glass or two.
    Love, Momma

  2. glad this recipe brings back good memories, mahm. charleston it is!

  3. Sounds fantastic!!

  4. ok, i am wearing a white cotton eyelet sundress and fanning myself with one of those big baptist church cardboard fans with the tongue-depressor handles and there’s a hammock and a big plate of sliced heirloom tomatoes and cold chicken and we are probably listening to ella fitzgerald. and the pitcher of punch is sweating.

  5. i made this over the weekend, with champagne… it was GLORIOUS! and so so basil-y. my eyes are glazing over just thinking about how good it was.

  6. good ming! now lets work on getting us a farm house.

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