italian stir-fry.

i used to make this in the peace corps all the time because my only cooking utensil was a  frying pan, and i had a friend who had an entire yard full of fresh oregano that they whacked with a machete, thinking it was a weed.  i would go gather up armloads of branches and stick my face in them and imagine i was in an exotic far away place like maggiano’s.

this dish is very much my style in the sense that you cut up whatever is in your fridge into same-size pieces and put them all in a pan with olive oil and then eat what happens 10 minutes later. i like it best with onions, garlic, tomatoes, mushrooms, summer squash, eggplant, and italian herbs.  i threw some cauliflower-broccoli-sugar peas into this one because they were… there.

the tomatoes cook down so it gets a little saucy, then you spoon it over your pasta shape of choice (orzo is a good one) or polenta coins (which i will never stop talking about, ever).

topped with whole foods’ shredded parmesan/asiago/fontina mix (which i could dedicate an entire blog to), it’s the perfect spring/summertime dinner. eat it, as always, with a chilly glass of white wine.



~ by marcella on March 31, 2010.

3 Responses to “italian stir-fry.”

  1. I would like to read a whole entry on your polenta coins. I like to order polenta in restaurants because I don’t know how, what, huh at home. — EEE

  2. polenta entry coming soon :)

  3. should we just have a ‘polenta coins’ category?

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