thai summer rolls.


thai food is absolutely the best. it’s fragrant and fresh and pocketed with little bursts of fabulous flavors.  those stoplight-colored curries are the cat’s pj’s and i would eat them every single day if i could. j always laughs at me for ordering green curry, which is ALWAYS so spicy that i weep through my meal, but i CONTINUE to order it. it’s green, and love green things.

these goofy summer rolls though… i don’t know. they’re green, which is a +1, but i feel a little grossed out by the clear jelly membrane of the rice paper, and i’ve always thought they’re boring.  it’s like a sticky, flavorless weed roll. also, if it isn’t fried, how good can it actually be? 

i had no idea what i was missing. my gay boyfriends made these for me, and i HAD to go home immediately and try for myself. here’s me copying what i remembered from the boys (who i think got the recipe from a schmancy food magazine):

– bean thread noodles (pretty easy to find at whole foods)
– julienned carrots and cucumbers, marinated in rice vinegar with a little brown sugar, and fish sauce if you’re brave
– bean sprouts 
– fresh mint, fresh cilantro 

dip a sheet of rice paper into a cake pan with warm water in it, and wait for it to soften a little.  throw down a couple of mint/cilantro leaves, and then do your rolling on a damp kitchen towel, or something that will give you a little traction. they’re tricky to roll… i did it like a burrito, but you gotta try it a few times before you can get the filling-amount/roll-technique right.

i made up some mad scientist peanut sauce to dip them in (peanut butter, vinegar, sriracha) and my goodness… these are just about the sexiest things. they’re gorgeous and fresh and exotic and perfect for hot days. i served them at our planning committee meeting for our newly formed SUPPER CLUB (more on that soon!)


~ by marcella on April 19, 2010.

One Response to “thai summer rolls.”

  1. these look SO. GOOD. I love the pretty cilantro leaf-ghosts pressed against the rice wrapper. I wanna eat all over these!

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