argentina, you fill my life with so many good things. steak, wine, soccer, boys with mullets. and now this.

aromatic liquid green, torrontes is everything i love about wine.  it’s fruity but not sweet,  rich but not cloying, refreshing but not watery.  it’s summer wine. last night i sat at the window and drank a glass, watching a thunderstorm roll in.

trapiche makes a tart and tasty $8 bottle.  i’ve bought so many that the cute old ethiopian men who work at my corner store are beginning to raise their eyebrows. maybe i’ll invest in a case, but then i’m not sure how i’d resist the urge to fill my bathtub with the stuff and just swim around in it. ah, summer.


~ by marcella on April 26, 2010.

2 Responses to “torrontes.”

  1. Hi Marcella, this is Heidi logging in on Julia’s computer. Torrontes sounds delicious, especially for summer, even our cool version of the hot season. I wonder if Trader Joe carries it? A case would be good and reduce some of the trips to that store!
    Love, Heidi

  2. I want to swan dive off a tiny diving board into this glass and do an elegant back stroke. And then drink the shit out of it.

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