c’s postings about wine inspired me to jump on the booze train myself and write about one of my favorite drinks, Pastis. I first drank it in France with my mom, on balmy early evenings after long days hoofing all over Paris. Also known as Pernod, this is a French liqueur that gets its flavor from star anise and licorice root. Think of it as Absinthe’s staid cousin. You have to really, really, really, really like the taste of black licorice. If you do, this drink will totally work your spot.

It’s served with an ice cube and a splash of water, the water turns it a milky neon chartreuse color. It’s a great warm-afternoon drink, it also works wonders as an after dinner stomach settler when you’re feeling like omigod-I-ate-too-much-thai-food-why-do-I-ALWAYS-eat-until-it-hurts-imma-vomit.

So this summer, when the air loses its nip and the evenings are long, imagine yourself stopping in for a respite along the winding cobblestone streets of the Gothic Quarter or feeling the breezes of the Mediterranean in St. Tropez, pour yourself a little Pastis, turn up the “Moulin Rouge” soundtrack (“And I…..I’ll DRINK all the time!”) and take a sip.


~ by JuliaTriplett on May 1, 2010.

2 Responses to “pastis”

  1. Nicely said, Miss Julia. I’m sipping some of this delightful stuff right now, as an aperitif before dinner. I like your use of seasons for the blog entries…it’s good to visualize myself as you describe! Love, Momma

  2. i love this picture; it looks like a sunset.

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