eggs are definitely my jam these days.  they’re the glue that binds all my favorite foods together: cheese, breakfast sausage, mushrooms, cheese. cheese.

i made 12 quiches for r.’s birthday party, so now i am pretty much The Best at Quiche… but this is a title that is easily earned and i’m willing to share it. make a big glass baking dish of this on a sunday, and you’ve got brunch AND lunch for the next couple of days.

all of the following amounts should be suffixed with “-ish” because i did not measure anything. i just added things until the dish was full. it’s all going to cook together and become delicious, so i don’t think it really matters.

– 8 eggs
– 1 c. milk
– 1 c. – 2 c. grated cheese
– a cup or 2 of chopped & sauteed anything. i used onions, garlic, mushrooms, bell peppers, tomatoes, and spinach. cook it down a little in a pan first.
– some cooked meat. sausage, bacon. tofu, if you’re gonna be like that.
– i also recommend that you chiffonade (actual word) a bunch of fresh herbs. they really make the flavor pop.
(cut these amounts in half, and you can put this in a pie crust and it is amazing. just not as good for you.)

bake at 350 for a half an hour or so, the center should still jiggle a little when you shake it. try not to eat the whole thing at once. or do. no judgement.

~ by marcella on May 24, 2010.

One Response to “quiche.”

  1. Hi Marcella, thanks for reminding me about making a quiche…they are such delicious and forgiving comfort food! did you REALLY make TWELVE quiches? Wow. By the way, word is out that we should eat an egg yolk in some form every day, it’s good for the brain and may prevent some major health problems, maybe keep us older folks from getting Alzheimers, who knows? There is a good campaign…”Yolks for Old Folks.” :-)

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