This dessert comes just in time for a heat wave. I had this every day in Barcelona, its served everywhere at sidewalk gelato shops, especially popular on days when it feels like you’re walking on the surface of the sun. I use coffee because I always make way too much in the morning and have left overs, sometimes I add chocolate syrup to make it mocha-y. you could make this with juice, lemonade or chai too. Its super easy.

Here’s what:

put liquid of your choosing in a bowl and stick it in the freezer. stir it up every 20-ish minutes, when you can see it beginning to set. what you’ll get is a slushy type thing. scoop it into a pretty glass and top with whipped cream.

eat this someplace shady and summery, if you’re like c. and have a blow up kiddie pool at the ready for back yard foot soaking, even better.

and Im just saying if you wanted to add, like….kahlua..or rum….you totally could. Im just saying.

happy summer.


~ by JuliaTriplett on June 5, 2010.

4 Responses to “Granita.”

  1. OOh, Honey, so good, and great idea for using up left-over coffee. It would probably be really good with espresso.
    Memories of hot days in Italy, on our cruise. Those granitas were LIFE SAVERS.
    Love, Momma

  2. I’m a die-hard pomogranate granita girl. I used to squeeze the seeds, cook the simple sugar syrup, add the rum, freeze and top with marscopone. But these days, I dump a pint of the juice from the farmers market into a pan, freeze it. Thrash it up when it’s frozen, and if I don’t have 1/2 and 1/2, or vanilla ice cream around, I drizzle it with fat free milk and it freezes instantly into a little white pearly crust that is excellent with the tart — no sugar — pomo ice. I don’t think you can do it wrong.

  3. that sounds AMAZING. holy crap.

  4. oh E does it the real way. everybody listen to her, she’s doing it the real way. sounds awesome!

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