smoked oysters.

There are just certain foods that are so nostalgic and evocative of memory, eating them is as much an emotional experience as it is a sensory one. That’s how I feel about smoked oysters. They take me to the pale yellow VW van my parents and I zigzagged across the country in; we’d arrive at our camp site after a long day of driving, peel open a can, break out the crackers and I’d steal sips of my mom’s champagne. They take me to late afternoons with c.; we’d devour these succulent mouthfuls with icy cold wine and sop up the oil with chewy sourdough bread, we’d laugh and lament about our day out in the world, grateful to be back in the kitchen.

So many sweet and simple moments have passed while plunging a fork into a smoked oyster, making them all the more delicious. Those moments are why food can be so meaningful. Which foods make you feel most nostalgic?


~ by JuliaTriplett on July 7, 2010.

2 Responses to “smoked oysters.”

  1. Yes, camping was never complete without the little smoked oysters can, and of course champagne! It’s the same even now, although it’s a bigger RV and often different people. Nostalgia and oysters…sweet combination.

  2. I, too, love these! My Mom and I would make early summer dinners which consisted of snacky things & yummy things to top crostini: cheeses, tapenades, fruit, baby gherkins, pickled onions…and of course, smoked oysters. A [cold] dry white or rose would always accompany this. To this day my Mom always has [at least] 1 can of smoked oysters in the pantry at all times.

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