watermelon margaritas.

i’ve spent the summer experimenting with these. frozen watermelon cubes, sieves, blenders, juicers, different shades of tequila, etc… it’s been a rollercoaster, you guys.  the closest i’ve gotten to exactly what i want is this:

chilled watermelon cubes
fresh squeezed lime juice
silver tequila
ice cubes

put watermelon cubes through a fancy juicer. or blend them (UNfrozen) and pour the juice through a fine strainer or preferrably a swatch of cheesecloth (or a clean dishtowel.) the less pulp, the more pleasurable the end product. though after a few, you will cease to notice pulp.

i fill up a glass with ice cubes, do 1/4 tequila, 1/4 lime juice, and the rest watermelon juice.  you may need a drop of simple syrup if your watermelon is not especially sweet.

try and get a couple gallons of these in you before labor day hits and we have to move towards pumpkin spice lattes and ciders (gagg.)

~ by marcella on September 2, 2010.

One Response to “watermelon margaritas.”

  1. uh.mazing. and so pretty! is there salted rims involed too or no? either way i wanna one.

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