ginger mint margaritas.

yes yes i know, my previous post was also about margaritas. i apologize, sort of. i realize i have not posted about a “food item” in a long time.  sadly, my gastrointestinal disease has really put a damper on my cooking and eating habits, in the sense that i no longer cook or eat.

i do however, drink.

unrecommended, of course, as alcohol is an irritant to stomach lining. notwithstanding, the positive effect of a nice margarita on my emotional state has proven to nullify any negative stomachological reactions that may occur. so please, have patience with me as i continue down my liver-abusive yet soul-nourishing tequila spiral. otherwise, the only thing i’d have to write about is yogurt and chicken broth.

i’m getting close to being ready for autumn, but i still plan to beat the summer horse until it’s dead and then some. it is in that spirit that i present you with tart and spicy ginger mint margaritas. i made these in pint glasses, and drank them with my family in the gazebo while we waited for the grill to get hot.

1 part silver tequila
1 part fresh lime juice
fresh ginger chunks, peeled
fresh mint
fancy ginger beer

muddle the ginger and mint with the lime juice at the bottom of the glass, then add tequila, fill with ice, and top with ginger beer. garnish so it looks good, aaaand scene.


~ by marcella on October 6, 2010.

2 Responses to “ginger mint margaritas.”

  1. Wow, Cella, that sounds amazing, I could have one right now…recovering from a !6-hr. flight from L.A. to BKK. Tomorrow going on to Kathmandu. I do hope you will soon feel better and eat again, with good appetite. Love you!

  2. mmmmm tequila spiral. this looks so quenching. AND ginger is actually good for the stomach. it like…settles it or something. so you can consider this cocktail medicinal. cheers! J

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