mushroom potato leek soup.

omfg it’s SOUP SEASON and i am currently in posession of 1.) a crock pot, and 2.) a fancy food processor. so… things are gonna get good, y’all.

i can’t stop with the mushrooms right now, or ever. i bought a couple cartons of baby bellas and regular old buttons, cleaned them and cut off the stems, which i used to make veggie stock (combined with carrots, an onion, fresh thyme, and boiling forever.)

sieve it, throw it in the slow cooker with sliced yukon golds, chopped leeks (i cooked them down a little first with some olive oil) and then a TON of sliced mushrooms. i sliced/chopped them all different sizes for a fun, festive texture! cook that down until everything in it is soft and tasty. now here is the amazing/gross part… if i could type in a whisper, i would. because you know what you add in at the end? a saucepan of bechamel sauce. you whip up a batch of butter-flour-milk roux and pour. it. in.


i know. it is SO over the top.

so fine, eat this in small doses. whatever. it’s heavenly. like, melt-in-your-mouth have-to-close-your eyes heavenly. no regrets! bechamel 4 life!

~ by marcella on November 16, 2010.

3 Responses to “mushroom potato leek soup.”

  1. Wow, Marcella, that sounds soooo good and rich…some sourdough bread would be fine with it, and a glass of cool chardonnay. I assume you just use the mushroom stems for the stock?
    Hope you’ll have a thankful-filled, lovely Thanksgiving!
    Love, Heidi

  2. mushroom potato leek soup is an entree! it’s like a stew!

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