lately all I want is sandwiches, in and around my mouth. sandwiches filled with stuff. spreads, pickled items, cheeses, salted meats, melty items, various soft vegetables like avocado or stewed peppers. on chewy crusty bread. pressed, hot and crispy, in a panini grill.  I also like a sandwich to be very wet, maybe with some type of dipping agent like aioli or…..ranch.

I watched this guy eat a ham/gruyere/apple/microgreen sandwich at lunch in the basement at work the other day and now we’re dating.

sandwiches I covet:

breakfast sandwich (scrambled eggs/red onion/red bell pepper/provolone/dijon). port salut/salame/spicy pickeled vegetables. cuban sandwich (ham AND roasted pork/salami/swiss cheese/pickles/mustard). cream cheese/strawberries/cinnamon on good white bread. grilled cheese/balsamic caramlized onions/artichoke hearts/briney kalamata olives. I want it all, all the time.

ok, now its your turn. what is your favorite member of the sandwich family?

ps. family reunion in my mouth in 10 minutes.


~ by JuliaTriplett on February 28, 2011.

3 Responses to “SANDWICHES.”

  1. Hi Miss Julia, good post, yummy sandwiches, making my mouth water even though I’m not that much into sandwiches…but sometimes they just hit the spot! I like your creative suggestions. And finding a man via a sandwich sounds really good! (Just make sure he can eat it without making a mess.)

  2. omg sandweeeeecheeeeeeees!!!!! i have so many faves, luh, but a recent fave is from mixt greens in SF. it’s called the rooster and it this:

    grilled chicken, sliced apple, fontina cheese, basil pesto, mixt greens, aïoli, on an herb slab

    and it makes me want to cry every time. i miss it. almost as much as i miss you!!!


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