if you live somewhere with weather, march is “i hate everything” month.  january is all health food and gymming and new-life planning, february is full of chocolate and boning and federal holidays.  march, though. march is false spring starts and ugly rain and my skin hasn’t touched air in so long oh my god i am dying inside. winter foods that i have been having such a love affair with – yams, kale, squash – are suddenly abhorrent.  i’m sorry root vegetables… we had such a good thing.  but now i’m waking up next to you and realizing that i hate you. take your toothbrush and go.

i’m sick of cooking (can anyone tell?) and instead choosing to live on goldfish crackers, too-expensive wine, and gummi multivitamins (so that i don’t die.)

however, there is ONE thing that makes me hungry, that brings my tastebuds to life, that fills my hungry daydreams with slabs of salty heaven. that thing is charcuterie.

CHARCUTERIE!  i love you!  i love you like a fat kid loves… charcuterie.  i love saying ‘charcuterie.’  meats, meats, meats. jamon serrano, prosciutto, salami, chorizo, pates, terrines. little bites of salty chewy goodness, crazy mustards, teeny pickles, clusters of cheeses, crusty breads, drizzles of olive oil.  i just want to huddle up and hibernate with my cured meats and a bottle of spicy garnacha and wait out the rest of this godawful month. so that’s what’s happening. i’ll see you in april, world. call me when the farmer’s market is open.

~ by marcella on March 9, 2011.

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