mushroom bourguignon.

i’ve made smitten kitchen’s mushroom bourguignon like 17 times in the past couple of months because it is perfect pretend-healthy fancied up comfort food. i’m not great with french cuisine because it “takes forever,” but this recipe is the perfect ratio of working & waiting: lots of chopping and dicing (my zen place) and then watching things reduce while you finish the rest of the bottle of cooking wine (my other zen place).

they say to use portabella or creminis, but i am poor so i use mostly white buttons. it doesn’t matter… you could cut up a bath towel and if you simmered it in shallots, wine, and butter for long enough, it would be amazing (cooking for the recession!)

i usually serve this over polenta (shocker!) but this time i did linguini and it was awesome. also, instead of making it in a frying pan (not good), i used my new dutch oven and thus was able to make GALLONS of it, which is really how much you need. trust me. 


~ by marcella on March 18, 2011.

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