hot, pungent.

a million years ago I joined and now my profile is all but dormant. every now and then I’ll get an email telling me that Glenn is a 32 year old caucasian male who works in sales and likes the outdoors and likes to have fun and try new things lol!

 here’s a gem I receieved just today (above is how I picture the person who wrote it) and I immediatly forwarded it to c. who noted that, aside from being poorly written and totally weird, it was indeed food themed and should be posted to the df at once.

so, here. a glimpse into why I’m still single and will continue cooking for one, probably forever.

.  .  .

Good Morning and Happy Friday hope your day starts going well. I just ran across your add and decided to send you a message. I am in search of that Smart, SeXXXy, and Crazy, and ambitious lady. Are that women? I have a question for you then, are you ready? If so continue reading.
If you were a spice, what spice would you be?

Pungent, sweet mixture of cinnamon, clove and nutmeg flavors


Hot, pungent


Mild to hot

It is very aromatic and sweet.

Aromatic, pungent and sweet. They give a very strong flavor so use with care.

Slightly bitter, pungent, hot

Aromatic, slight licorice flavor

slightly sweet, slightly pungent and spicy aroma

Strong, sweet, cool

Hot, pungent


Nutty, warm, spicy

Just a few ideas. How would you be used?

.   .   .

Well, color me flattered. I are that women.


~ by JuliaTriplett on April 22, 2011.

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