pastel de choclo, sorta.


mm meat pie.

my work-wife sarah came down from sf for a girly weekend of pre-wedding hair and makeup trials. here, in my kitchen, I put her hair in pin curls while we ate smoked oysters washed down with chardonnay and watched the travel channel. andrew zimmern is kind of gross but he was in chile and he was eating THIS. sarah, having spent time in the country, told me how delicious this was so I thought I’d give it a shot. I looked up the recipe although, I should tell you, I hate recipes. The way I usually address recipes is to skim over the ingredients and instructions quickly and then dismiss them. “YA YA I GOT THE GIST ALRIGHT PUT IT AWAY I KNOW HOW TO DO IT.” I guess I’m impatient and think I know how to do everything already.


so here’s where its at.

brown 1 each yellow onion/shallot/garlic clove. add a handful of chopped up golden raisins and chopped up sun dried tomatoes, if I had been able to find my gd jar of olives I would have added some, for the brininess. toss in a large handful of chopped cilantro. remove this mixture from the pot and set aside. in the same pot, brown your meats. I used ground turkey and the meat from 6 spicy pork sausages. ass in (misspelling that I’m not correcting bc its hilarious, but I meant “add”) many spices to taste, I used the following: cinnamon, curry, turmeric, ground cloves, coriander, paprika, s & p. return onion/cilantro/etc mixture back to the pot once meats have browned then add in a can of stewed tomatoes and simmer uncovered for 30 mins. the resulting scent that fills your kitchen will be sweet and smokey and meaty and omfg I want it.

while this is simmering stir up some soft polenta as instructed on the package, its super easy. once its done fold in 1/2 can of corn, squirt in some honey, hot sauce, s & p. the polenta should be the consistency of yogurt, you’re gonna need to spread it around in a sec.

layer meat mixture in a rectangular casserole dish and spread the polenta on top and bake it for 40 mins to get a lightly browned crust on top.

ok that was a lot of words but its not that difficult and totally worth it, I promise. the bulk of the work comes from chopping and simmering, all which can be done drink in hand and mika blasting as it doesn’t require full attention. this is comfort food to the max yo, your family/friends/lover will be so impressed with you.


~ by JuliaTriplett on June 12, 2011.

3 Responses to “pastel de choclo, sorta.”

  1. Julia, wonderful to know you have returned to PG for a time. Sounds like a healing move in many ways. I’m loving having Cella so close by; I’m sure your own mom is similarly delighted. Please greet Heidi for me. Love, Anne

  2. Hi Anne! It has been a wonderful move, I love being home so much. I’m looking for work but in the meantime I’m enjoying Asilomar walks, time with friends and lots of cooking! I’m glad Marcella gets to spend more time with both of you, we’re both so lucky to have such awesome parents. xo.

  3. o ma gah, i used to eat this all the time in chile and it was SO GOOD. i always remember the corn part being really light and sweet, it tasted like fresh sweet corn. and all the meaty parts were so salty and good. my host mom would leave a giant plate of it in the fridge, and i would microwave it and then go sit in bed and watch crazy chilean telanovelas. i’m pretty sure this was one of the only chilean foods i liked.

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