rose/rosado/rosato, the cinderellas of the wine world.

I say ‘cinderella’ because her sisters white and red get all the attention, she is scorned because she is pink, associated with white zinfandel (yuck bleagh gross) and usually ignored when in reality she is complex and delicate at once, appreciated by those who take the time who get to know her when she’s not busy sweeping and singing with mice. ok the last part of the analogy doesn’t totally work but I love that movie.

the differences in name have to do with the region (france/spain/italy respectively) and these are perfect for day time drinking, if you ask me, and I assume you were about to. more heady and full than white, more refreshing than red, ‘The Wine News Magazine’ (my new favorite book) reports that “roses in summer are as welcome as the perfume of flowers”. it’s true, there is a bold and perfumed quality to them and this has quickly become my go-to category of every wine list or grocery store.

plus, there is something so girly about sipping on something this perfectly pink. fuchsia, blush, coral. whatever you call it pour yourself a glass and find a porch.

happy summer!


~ by JuliaTriplett on July 19, 2011.

2 Responses to “rose/rosado/rosato, the cinderellas of the wine world.”

  1. oh ma gah, we are on the same page you know. we’ve been drinking this insanely delicious rose txakoli all summer… it’s light and mineraly and a teensy bit effervescent, it’s divine. it’s like drinking flowers. buy this.

  2. woah. that looks so pretty and tasty, I’m going to buy it and live in it.

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