fresh bruschetta.

i never make this; my dad does, and i eat it. i eat it while i sit in the kitchen and watch him cook the rest of dinner. he’s good at spacing food items out… those of us with genetic tummy issues are forced/have the pleasure of making tapas out of every meal. little fresh morsels washed down with delicious drinks over the course of several hours and lots (LOTS) of talking. it is the correct way to eat, everybody.

i wish i could tell you what exactly goes into these, but i feel like you can kind of make it your own. chop up some nice august tomatoes, mix them up with some oil and balsamic, pepper, raw garlic. dad toasts baguette slices, and then rubs raw garlic all over the top of the bread (omg). then there’s a plop of goat cheese, the tomato stuff, and then he runs out to the porch and comes back with garden basil to throw on top. they’re fresh and spicy and taste like summer. enjoy with a nice cocktail, and then meander over to the dinner table at some point.

~ by marcella on August 18, 2011.

One Response to “fresh bruschetta.”

  1. Thanks! I’ve just been invited to a tapas party and now I can take this delicious food to share!

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