you’ve got to be Pho King kidding me.


there are only a few things I miss about san francisco. about 35% of my friends and coworkers. the spca macy’s windows at christmas time. the inside of my apartment. shopping sprees at out of the closet thrift store. and alllllllllllllllllll the amazing asian food, specifically pho 2000 in the tenderloin. about once a week my coworkers and I would eat lunch there, usually to defrost during the arctic summer months, telling disgusting and depressing and hilarious stories about our respective caseloads and then gently weeping into the delicate, gingery broth when we realized our lunch break was over it was time to go back to the clinic.

I miss it and it’s soup season. so I turned on my pho-dar and found this place, Pho King on Fremont. now first of all, hold on. as you might know pho is pronounced ‘fuh’. fuh. king. pho. king. these people know exactly what they’re doing, I find it hilarious and I want to high five the crap out of them.

I had this, what you see above. and I murdered it. it was savory and lemony and pork-y and it warmed the cockles. I recommend you go find your town’s closest noodle pavilion and phu-ck up a bowl. (sorry for cursing.)


~ by JuliaTriplett on October 18, 2011.

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