workin’ on my night cheese.

it’s fall, yall, and things are good. i’ve found the perfect trenchcoat-made-of-sweatshirt-material, boots make my butt look amazing, and i’m gearing up for such autumnal delights as: bourbon & ginger. butternut squash. local apples. root vegetables. inky wine. dutch ovenry. on and on. and on and on.

right now my jam is this: on nights that i work late, i run into whole foods right before they close and purchase: 1 bottle pinot noir. 2 honeycrisp apples. 1 mini-baguette. 2 small slices of crazy cheese from the crazy cheese section. triple cream, put it all on me.

sometimes i close my eyes and grab a random. other nights, i go for the classics. humboldt fog is the soft cheese messiah, and i don’t care to hear any contradictory feedback from anybody. i’ve also been loving point reyes blue, which really does taste like you’re sitting on the beach in northern california. i’m also really feeling those big round coins of cana de cabra – soft spanish goaty deliciousness. whatever, the point is, you get tiny $4 wedges of super rich tasty cheeses.

then you go home and: pop that vin. tear up bread, slice up the apples super thin, arrange artfully on a plate with cheeses. a dollop of honey will turn any bit of blue cheese into a religious experience. i like to do this sitting in an armchair in the dark by myself. to me it feels kind of dirty and decadent and sexy. yeah, what. watch me eat this fancy fatty s*** at midnight. so go ahead. work on your night cheese.

~ by marcella on October 19, 2011.

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