decorative gourd season.

autumn, you guys. it gives me such a raging heart-boner. I want the world to be scented with spices, I want to put on my smart tweed jacket and a chunky knit cap, tuck a leather bound diary under my arm and walk down this crazy red and orange road, just like I’m in Twilight or some romantic fake sh*t like that.

also I want to decorate with some gourds, then I want to chop them up and eat them. this recipe was given to me by my friend, culinary-wizard and therapist extraordinaire, Sarah. she was eating it at work one day and I was like ‘whats with those carbs you got there?’. i’ve modified it a little only because I have the long term memory of a fruit bat.

you’ll need. 1 butternut squash. fresh sage. 1 large white onion. a few cloves of garlic. pine nuts. fresh parmesean cheese. pappardelle pasta. salt and pep. butter. cooking sherry. cinnamon. balsamic vin.

cut that squash in half, scoop out the seeds, drizzle it with butter, cinnamon, s & p and bake it until its brown. caramelize your entire onion with lots of butter, slowly adding in splashes of sherry and balsamic vin to reduce. once its caramelized add minced garlic, s & p. scoop out your squash into rough, casual chunks and add to the onion mix in the pan. let it all simmer and blend. toast your pine nuts and toast your sage leaves. boil that pasta, add it to the saucy onion/garlic/squash and toss. top with pine nuts, sage, freshly cracked pepper and butt loads of fresh parm. the resulting dish is sweet, salty and rich.

perfect for bulking up for those frigid winter months to come, like some manner of hibernating bear.


~ by JuliaTriplett on November 12, 2011.

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