food as art.

food can be so pretty! some examples:

– for my birthday this year a girlfriend dropped by with an arrangement she had made (see above), she nestled hot pink radishes in between ivory peonies and apricot rose buds. so chic and unusual, I thought.

– at the feldman house our go-to table scape for holiday dinners is a scattering of  cranberries, figs, herbs and whatever else is in the produce drawer. it’s the prettiest thing to look at while one is shoveling yams and pot roast into one’s watering mouth hole.

– c. is an amazing painter, my favorite piece of hers is the up-close corner of a papaya, it’s flamingo-pink flesh and shiny black seeds. it makes me want to be with her somewhere warm and balmy. drinking rum.

– when my friend sarah got married we all helped assemble her arrangements and center pieces. the idea was ‘purple and green farmers market bounty explosion’. we used cascading purple grapes, artichokes and limes. her bouquet straight up had a CABBAGE in it, you guys (see below). the flowers we used were so pretty too but almost paled in comparison to the fresh produce spilling and tumbling everywhere. totes gorge bounty.

what are you favorite pretty foods to decorate with?


~ by JuliaTriplett on December 13, 2011.

One Response to “food as art.”

  1. Great take on the food and art theme, Julia! Yes, there’s definitely a connection. We “eat with our eyes”, so the visual part of food is totes important!

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