spicy winter vegetable fritters with cool yogurt/cucumber drizzle.


the other day I had the whole house to myself so I set out to try something fancy and messy in the kitchen. there was a sack of yams. there was lots of garlic and jalapenos. add baked root vegetable fatigue+ inspiration from paula dean x googling “what is a fritter?”  and you might get something like this.  spicy winter vegetable fritters.

– arrange chopped winter veggies on a baking sheet. I used yams, one pumpkin, many fresh jalapenos and two buttenut squashii. many onions, garlic cloves. whatever else you want. I seasoned with orange juice and orange zest, fresh cracked pepper, mucho salt, cinnamon and cayenne pepper. bake it.

– remove seeds and scoop flesh out of squashes into a bowl then blend until mostly chunk-free, like the consistency of mashed potatoes. whisk in 2 eggs. add corn, more chili pepper flakes if you like it real spicy like me. cool the mixture in the fridge so it’s easier to form.

– form into casual balls (band name) the size of a golf ball-ish, dredge through corn meal and fry until golden brown. let them dry and cool on a paper towel.

– drizzle = greek yogurt, lemon juice shpritz, finely chopped cucumber and cilantro, salt.

eat a couple as an appetizer, eat 100 for dinner.


~ by JuliaTriplett on January 17, 2012.

One Response to “spicy winter vegetable fritters with cool yogurt/cucumber drizzle.”

  1. plz call me next time to help you eat them. What a treat

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