carrot rirruto*

spring is on its way, I can smell it in the air. the camellia tree in our yard is decorated with fresh white blossoms and a fine green blanket of pollen covers my car and gets trapped in my nose hairs. primavera!

here is carrot risotto. start by caramelizing an entire yellow onion in a stick of butter. while this is happening steam about 6 large carrots until they’re aldente. add 17 oz of Arborio rice to the onions, add plenty of salt and pepper and let rice get a little toasty and translucent. pour in a half cup of dry vermouth or dry sherry and let that absorb. while this is happening chop up your steamed carrots rull fine like, add those to rice and onions. at this point add a cup of broth, I used veggie stock with a squeeze of a half lemon. stir and stir, stir and stir until the rice has absorbed the liquid, then repeat. for about 20-25 mins, until the rice if soft. now I added about a half cup of fresh parm, let that melt, add another half cup. I warmed up a half cup of 2% milk with a half cup of odwalla carrot juice and added that. More salt and pepper, one more squeeze of lemon. sprinkle parm one more time.

let it relax for a while. come to think of it, you relax too. that was a lot of work.

the risotto should settle and thicken. ladle it into a shallow bowl, top with a lemony arugula salad, strips of fresh carrot and big shavings of salty fresh parm.

*in my memory the word he was supposed to write was “risotto”. so I thought I was being SO CLEVER finding this clip and even figuring out how to “embed” it into this post. but then I re-watched it and its like. someone’s name? DAMMIT IT ALL, I said to myself. but I’m still going to “embed” with this explanation because I want credit for my original idea, what I originally thought it was.

love j.

~ by JuliaTriplett on March 11, 2012.

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