avocado mousse tarts.

per the request of my birthday-girl roommate, i made these for dessert. normally i breeze right over any recipe that is vegan (100% uninterested) so i did this begrudgingly and complained a lot (i’m a really good friend).  pistachios cost ALL of the moneys, so instead i ground up hazelnuts, almonds, granola and honey in the food processor.  i molded it into ugly little tart shells and baked them at 325ish for 10 minutes so they hardened. i bet these would make really nice bird or squirrel feeders. womp womp.

but the game is about to change! 

the creamy filling is a mix of avocado, lime juice, sugar and coconut cream (her method of putting cans of coconut milk in the fridge to separate the cream is GENIUS).  i was so curious about what this was going to taste like… and i stuck my finger in there to test and oh. my. god. mouth explosions. tropical skittle monsoon. antilles seafoam fluff. rainforest dew mousse. this is seriously fairy or mermaid food. the flavor and texture is otherworldly… it’s so rich and creamy but tart and refreshing ALL AT THE SAME TIME.  we topped these with extra whipped coconut cream and berries. it was ridiculous.

nice work, vegan yum yum! sorry for being a bitch <3

~ by marcella on April 2, 2012.

2 Responses to “avocado mousse tarts.”

  1. mmmm these look so fresh and cool and pretty. like a meadow in my mouth. oh you’re making these for me when you come to ca in august? thats what I thought.

  2. […] green recipes! my minty pea soup is one of my favorites, I have dreams about cella’s avocado mousse tarts, and greune sosse goes with everything. a few vibrant green recipes on my list to try this […]

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