the barefoot contessa, a love letter.

Hey, Ina.

You are so pleasant. Have you always been this pleasant? Were you ever a quivering-voiced teen overwhelmed by longing and acne? Because I was, and I’d like to end up more like you. Speaking of voices, yours is also very pleasant. It’s semi-smokey, subdued and always a tad muffled, as if you’re speaking through your last bite of apple tarte tatin. If you ever have the time, would you consider recording an audiobook for “French Women Don’t Get Fat”? I would like to fall asleep to that.

I also covet the marriage you have with your sweet husband Jeffrey. He comes home just in time to eat and greets you with such adoration, as if he’s been gone for years. Where does he go all the time? A charming brownstone office downtown? Is he yachting? I can’t tell. What I do know is that he always seems tickled pink to see you, and you him.

You are equal parts minimalist (pure white kitchen, pristine herb garden), and bon vivant (many of your recipes begin with “…use good, fresh, whole butter from a local farm…”). You are equal parts self-made business woman, and old-school doting wife. If you can pass along the recipe for that I would be forever in your debt.

At the risk of sounding like someone who makes coin purses out of human skin, I want to put on an oversized men’s shirt and a pair of clogs and go to the farmers market with you.

love, j.

~ by JuliaTriplett on April 23, 2012.

3 Responses to “the barefoot contessa, a love letter.”

  1. What a fun message to Ida. I must have raised you right if you love a person like Ida. Please send this to her, and when she takes you shopping to her grocer and fish monger and then fixes lunch for her adorable gay friends, I want to be there, too. Then all three of us greet her husband with a kiss on the cheek, and a perfect martini with Long Island crab cakes and greens from the garden. Oh Ida.

    • Mom! Yes! Also: she’s Jewish, Liberal and a Gay Rights Advocate. Long-lost spirit sister?

  2. I have loved Ina for years. I love when she says I know its alot of butter, but its a special occasion. Yes, it is Ina, it’s called dinner. I would love to visit her home in the Hamptons and go visit all of the local shops with her. Jeffrey is great, but he can stay in Connecticut where he works at Yale University.

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