ambrosia pasta salad.

pasta salad is like, the “meh” of all summerfood, right? boring old pasta salad! grandma food! cold mushy starch! bottled italian dressing!


i’ve been making this crazy pasta salad for a while now, cause i like things that you make in large bowls that you eat out of all week long. however, it’s really gained some momentum in the past couple of weeks, and i’m starting to feel kind of full of myself because everyone likes it so much. *flips hair*.

pasta (i like to use 2 different kinds for A FUN AND PLAYFUL TEXTURE.)
i have used varying combinations of the following, but obvs throw in whatever you’re feeling:
chopped raw fennel
chopped red onion
chopped canned artichoke hearts
chopped chunks of seeded cucumber
frozen petite peas, thawed but not cooked
blanched asparagus nubbins
fresh or blanched chunks or nubbins of _________. whatever you like. treat yo’self.

the key is the dressing, and the other key is using a ton of the dressing. i make a tub of the following, mixed according to taste:
plain greek yog
lemon juice
a squeeze of honey
olive oil
feta chunks

the last key is to toss it with the dressing RIGHT before serving it. if you let it sit in the fridge, the pasta soaks up all the liquid, which SOUNDS like it would be awesome, but it’s kind of meh. easy to revive with a splash of olive oil to lube it up, though.

now make this and become famous among your peers.


~ by marcella on May 29, 2012.

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