pizza festival!

sometimes you volunteer yourself to be in charge of dinner and then you’re like: eff. does getting a quiznos sub and cutting it into fours count? no, it doesn’t, it turns out. besides you have higher expectations of yourself. and quiznos is far.

so you go to trader joes and shuffle around, wide-eyed, waiting for culinary lightening to strike. and then you see fresh and yeasty blobs of pre-made pizza dough, just chilling in that one section where all the best stuff chills. and then you see figs and ripe cheeses and creme fraiche and smoked salmon and basil and oh look now you’re making pizza.

preheat your ov to 450. sprinkle your butcher block with flour and roll that ish out. it can be very free form and casual, it’s supposed to be; this will make people think they’re eating somewhere in the tuscan country side, and this will make you seem very cultured and creative, and then people will admire and envy you, which is the whole point of everything.

you can bake your pizza crust with all the ingredients on it already, or bake the crust alone and add fresh cold ingredients after. I did both. one I baked for about 12 mins with carmalized balsamic red onion, fresh figs, sliced peaches, thick shavings of fresh parm, and black pepper. the other crust I baked 12 mins by itself with just a sprinkle of olive oil and chunky salt crystals, then dressed it after baking with lemony creme fraiche, smoked salmon, chiffonade of basil, and plenty of fresh black pepper.

next time I’m thinking a breakfast pizza, with soft scrambled eggs and goat cheese. or maybe another with pears and blue cheese!

bon appetit! xo j.

~ by JuliaTriplett on June 4, 2012.

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