black velvet apricot shrub.

one of the perks of moonlighting in the restaurant industry is having friends who can cook insane things and make insane drinks.  i am blessed to have an especially wonderful cocktail magician friend who introduced me to the SHRUB, which is my new favorite thing of anything (beverage category).  a shrub is just a fruit/vinegar syrup that you make with anything and put in anything. i think in olden times they put it in water, but i obviously prefer to put it in booze.  i made my first one with BLACK VELVET APRICOTS (!) that were the only ripe thing at whole foods and cost a fortune.  but they boiled down into such a pretty hot pink, and i dropped some spoonfuls of it into glasses of prosecco and it was everything you could ever want on a hot summer day. there seem to be a lot of ways to make a shrub, (epicurious always wins) but i am lazy so i just boiled the fruit/sugar/water down, added cider vinegar at the end, and then haphazardly drained through coffee filters because i don’t have a sieve. it was good anyway.

~ by marcella on August 8, 2012.

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