experimental baking: bourbon nectarine crisp

i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again: “experimental baking” is NOT a thing. experimentation is for stir-fries and marinades. baking time is RULE TIME. you don’t mess around, because when you mess around you end up with pie crust that cannot be cut with a serrated bread knife, cookies that melt into one giant baking-sheet shaped cookie, and shortbreads that literally catch on fire. these are not hypotheticals.

that being said, some sunday nights you’re just standing in your kitchen, looking at three rapidly rotting nectarines on your counter. how many nectarines can a lady eat in one day? so imma cut them up and make a baked item with them. it’s too late for grocery shopping, and again, i only have THREE fruit items, so options are limited. every recipe i can find ALSO wants you to have blueberries or 10 lbs. of white donut peaches or whatever and i have none of those things. so, it’s a crisp, man. easiest baked item on earth.  brown sugar, rolled oats, flour and nubbins of cold unsalted butter. one stick, since we  all know that nothing good will ever come out of your oven if you’ve invested less than 1 stick of butter in it. aside from that, i measured NOTHING, which is scary and stupid, but i have so little at stake… it’s EXPERIMENTAL BAKING! be prepared for disappointment!

here’s where things get good: i find a recipe that adds port to your fruit mix. port isn’t something i keep in my cupboard (though i should, for culinary cred) BUT… i DO have bourbon. yes i have bourbon. so here’s where i’m gonna blow your mind: i whisk up some woodbridge, vanilla extract & corn starch (something you really should actually just have in your cupboard, for in case). mix that all gentle-like with your nectarines, which by the way have been marinating in a little sug and some melting meyer lemon ice cubes that i made last spring (I AM THE SMARTEST WOMAN ALIVE). put the dry stuff on top of the wet stuff, and bake at 375 until there is a brown-and-bubbly situation going on in there.

it’s no joke that the moment i pulled this baby out of the oven, “sexual healing” came on my pandora.

ooh, baby, i’m hot just like an oven.



~ by marcella on September 9, 2012.

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