hosting thanksgiving for the first time is fun, terrifying.


life has been moving at warp speed this year, friends. all of a sudden I have a house and a fiance and in-laws and those in-laws come to my house, along with my mom and other grown-ups (8 in total), because omigod I’m hosting the holidays now. fortunately I spend about 85% of my mental energy thinking about decorating, presentation and esthetics, color combinations and scented candles arrangements, flavor combinations and slouchy hostess sweaters. the other 15% is used for reading the internet and cat grooming. so I was already semi-prepared to be the hostess with the mostess.

here was the menu.

appetizers = cranberry chevre on pear slices. mini caramelized onion tarts. mixed nuts. orange vanilla martini. dark n’ stormy.

dinner = mashed potatoes & gravy. goat cheese/sun dried tom/sweet potato stacks. pumpkin parmesan mac and cheese. 3 greens gratin. roasted brussels sprouts with anchovy/caper/lemon dressing. pear/arugula/parmesan salad. celery root salad. cornbread apple stuffing. garlic/rosemary/orange glazed turkey. 2 kinds of cranberry sauce. pull-apart rolls. lots of wine.

dessert = mini gingerbread and pumpkin cupcakes. apple persimmon crumble. pumpkin pie. more wine.

so, ya. lots of food, it all tasted great, etc. here’s what I learned though: nobody ever eats as much as I think they will. at one point everyone had served themselves and I looked at my giant mac n’ cheese casserole and there was just a little tiny corner that had been eaten, and I was like “where’s the ghost that had refilled this giant casserole dish?”

I spent the better part of wednesday and alllllllll of thursday cooking. which was fun, I love cooking! BUT. I was super stressed out, because I had created this beautifully intricate menu for myself. and of course the house had to look perfect. the decorations and the outfit and the place settings and the music had to be perfect, because I’m the lady of the house for the first time and I wanted to do a good job. People helped me, but I was stressed out.

At one point people asked what they could bring, I panicked and told everyone to bring pears. My mom brought pears, I made Matt go out and buy more pears. wtf did I need pears for? I don’t know I WAS OUTSIDE OF MY MIND WITH PANIC. (stay tuned for upcoming blog post, Seasonal Pear Bread Pudding!)

Next time I will make half as much food, and spend half as much time in the kitchen. I will play board games with my family, I will relax, I will make beautiful food and have a beautiful home and I will do less and I will enjoy it more.

xo j.



~ by JuliaTriplett on December 6, 2012.

One Response to “hosting thanksgiving for the first time is fun, terrifying.”

  1. Your recollection of the food is only a cursory outline of how warm, delicious, bountiful, imaginative and savory it all was. I don’t remember pears . . . Stress? never made an appearance. You have hostessing down.

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