press-in crust.



i’ve been making these for so long that i totally lost my touch with real, actual pastry crust. mine were INEDIBLE this thanksgiving. i’m having a pretty intense internal crisis about my pastry sucking (NOT ok) soooo i’m back here, making these awesome tart/pie crusts with cookies and butter.  you can take any kind of cookie… i started with graham crackers but moved on to ginger snaps, chocolate cookies, etc.  i made a nilla wafer crust for a key lime pie. it was real nice.  so just pulse some cookies of your choice in a food processor (or put in a heavy duty ziploc and smash them around with a wine bottle, if you’re like me) and then dribble melted butter in until you get a thick enough consistency to stick to the bottom and sides of a (greased) pie dish or tart pan.  then bake it for like 10 minutes till it hardens up a little and then put whatever you want in it! like pastry cream or marscapone or fruits or all of those things. so easy, so good.



~ by marcella on December 8, 2012.

2 Responses to “press-in crust.”

  1. I admire and like your style. What I want , however, is something more contemporary, something good for my body. I know it’s valuable what you do; I want nutritious and valuable. Is it possible to taste as good as you’ve discovered/conveyed, and nourish my body?

  2. hmm! well, i think there are ways you could make something like this a bit “healthier,” like maybe using a butter substitute or a less sugary cookie. but for me? this is a treat that nourishes my heart and soul. i don’t eat tarts every day, i don’t eat the entire pie in one sitting. day to day, i eat substantial, fresh food to keep my body strong and functioning. however, i believe that the stomach and spirit are connected. indulging in things like chocolate ganache, delicious cocktails, creme fraiche, sopressata and other such divine delights fill me up in ways that go beyond the gastronomic. i am a believer in “the decadence factor.” :)

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