salt & fat.






I’m a big fan of listening to podcasts during my work commute and one of my favorites is this, Salt & Fat. hosted by Jim Ray out of SF and Neven Mrgan out of Portland (both foodie towns!), they discuss technique, unusual origins of common ingredients, warnings and tips. with episodes titled “Ten Foot Cylinder of Beef”, “Any Form of Cultured Dairy”, and “You Could Probably Make It In The Bathtub” I think its pretty clear that you need to start listening to them at once because they obviously have their priorities straight.

you can download a podcast app, search for Salt & Fat and subscribe to weekly episodes. and by that I mean hand someone your phone and have them set it all up for you, while you make them a gratitude-sandwich.

xo j.


~ by JuliaTriplett on June 13, 2013.

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