crispy pork salad.



crispy pork saladThis recipe isn’t super revolutionary or anything but its something I invented and one of my favorite things to make these days. I buy precooked carnitas and throw it into a hot skillet with chopped jalapeños, onions and garlic, and any type of savory steak sauce like Worcestershire, bbq sauce, or this fancy Pepper Plant Chipotle thing I just found. While thats getting nice and crispy I heat up some black beans and corn, and toss that with butter lettuce, fresh chopped tomatoes, cilantro and huge slabs of avo. I toss the salad with Girard’s Champagne Dressing and tabasco, which is a very important detail. I plate the salad and then dish the sizzling shreddy pork pieces over the top, drizzle a little more Champagne dressing over the top, and a squeeze of lime. Its spicy and fresh and packed with summer-y flavors, mouth watering and super easy.

xo j.


~ by JuliaTriplett on May 28, 2014.

One Response to “crispy pork salad.”

  1. ugh you’re so good, I would never think to make anything like this AND NOW IM GONNA

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