Hawaiian chicken thighs + pickled veggie salad.



IMG_8346If you’re not eating chicken thighs you are missing out. They are juicy and flavorful and WAY CHEAPER than sad sad chicken breasts, which by comparison are so dry and just nothing. Some people are grossed out by dark meat and to that I say good, more for me.

Hawaiian Chicken

Marinate chicken thighs in a gallon zip lock bag (something I learned from Cella!) with teriyaki sauce, sriracha, honey,  rice vinegar, ginger, sesame oil, garlic, salt and pepper. I like to let them marinate over night, the chicken turns a deep brown color and the marinade starts to thicken and look like molasses. These are all good things.

Chop up some fresh pineapple and grill it.

Sauté chicken thighs over high heat until they get a nice char on them, then reduce heat to low/medium and continue to cook for like 20 mins or so. Chicken thighs are fatty and can take a longer cooking time, I’ve found that sautéing them low and slow gives them an almost candy/bacon-y quality.

After you’ve gotten the chicken thighs browned and cooked to your liking, add the remainder of the marinade from the bag and the pineapple to your pan and let it all simmer for a while. Chicken is done.


Pickled veggie salad

Put chopped cucumbers and edamame in a bowl, toss with sesame oil, rice vinegar, salt, sprinkling of brown sugar, fresh ginger, fresh garlic. Steam carrots in stock, lime juice, chili flakes, sesame oil and rice vinegar until al dente. Let the carrots cool, then toss with cucumber/edamame mix.

Plate everything, shake some sesame seeds over it, garnish with whatever. Cilantro or fresh basil would be good. Washed down with chilled white wine.

xo j.

~ by JuliaTriplett on April 7, 2016.

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