Lil’ Bio.

one time j & c got stuck in rush hour traffic on 101 in south san francisco (returning from a target trip, natch).  c was distracting herself with a magazine to prevent her arms from reaching over to the steering wheel to pound the horn, because j wasn’t honking “enough.” it was a ‘food & wine’ that one of us had stolen from a therapist’s waiting room, and a review therein actually made reference to the “decadence factor” as an element in rating a dish. we knew immediately that this phrase now belonged to us, and we must use it to write about our foods. now that we live on opposite coasts, this is how we check in to see what the other is eating and cooking and loving, while we wait until the next time we can lie in bed and eat thai food together.




3 Responses to “Lil’ Bio.”

  1. Awww…you guys are so cute! I have read all your material and so far it pretty much rocks! Keep it up…it makes me want to cook something!

  2. GOOD! that’s the point :)

  3. I just reread this and got all misty. I <3 yew.

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